Social Worker - Pediatric LCSW (part time)

Mar 21, 2018
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Join Bay Regional Medical Center's Pediatric Social Work Team

Bay Regional Medical Center's Health Department is seeking a highly skilled and compassionate Social Worker with expertise in pediatric care. As a Social Worker - Pediatric LCSW (part time) at Bay Regional, you will play a vital role in providing essential support to children and their families during challenging times.

A Fulfilling Career in Pediatric Social Work

Your role as a Social Worker - Pediatric LCSW (part time) will involve working directly with young patients and their families to address emotional, social, and practical needs. With a focus on enhancing overall well-being, you will contribute to creating a nurturing and supportive environment for children undergoing medical treatment or coping with chronic conditions.

At Bay Regional Medical Center, we believe in providing comprehensive care to our pediatric patients, addressing not only their physical health but also the mental, emotional, and social aspects of their well-being. As a part of our pediatric social work team, you will collaborate with multidisciplinary professionals to develop holistic care plans and ensure the best possible outcomes for our young patients.

Your Responsibilities

As a Social Worker - Pediatric LCSW (part time), your key responsibilities will include:

  • Conducting thorough assessments of patients and their families to identify individual needs
  • Developing and implementing individualized care plans
  • Providing emotional support and counseling to patients and families
  • Assisting families in accessing community resources and support programs
  • Advocating for patients' rights and collaborating with other healthcare professionals
  • Leading support groups and educational programs for patients and families
  • Keeping accurate and up-to-date documentation of patient interactions and progress

Qualifications and Requirements

To be successful as a Social Worker - Pediatric LCSW (part time) at Bay Regional Medical Center, you should possess the following qualifications:

  • A Master's degree in Social Work (MSW) from an accredited program
  • Current licensure as a Clinical Social Worker (LCSW)
  • Prior experience in pediatric social work settings
  • In-depth knowledge of child development, family dynamics, and community resources
  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills
  • Ability to work collaboratively within a multidisciplinary team

Why Choose Bay Regional Medical Center?

As a leading healthcare institution dedicated to providing exceptional patient care, Bay Regional Medical Center offers numerous benefits and advantages:

  • A supportive and inclusive work environment
  • Opportunities for professional growth and advancement
  • State-of-the-art facilities and cutting-edge technology
  • Comprehensive benefits package
  • Competitive salary and flexible work schedules
  • Continuing education opportunities
  • Collaborative and interdisciplinary approach to care

Join Our Team at Bay Regional Medical Center

By joining our team as a Social Worker - Pediatric LCSW (part time), you will have the opportunity to make a significant impact on the lives of children and families in need. At Bay Regional, we value compassion, excellence, and innovation in delivering exceptional patient care.

If you are passionate about pediatric social work and are ready to contribute your skills to our dedicated team, we invite you to apply for the position of Social Worker - Pediatric LCSW (part time) at Bay Regional Medical Center. Take the first step toward a rewarding and fulfilling career by submitting your application today!

Alan Gianettino
❤️ Helping kids grow 👪🏥
Oct 12, 2023
Nathan Swaney
I hope the selected social worker will bring positivity and encouragement to the young patients at Bay Regional Medical Center.
Nov 8, 2022
Kevin Espinosa
I appreciate the emphasis on expertise in pediatric care. It shows a commitment to providing the best support for young patients.
Jan 29, 2022
Kartik Natarajan
I believe that working with children requires a special kind of understanding and patience.
Jun 19, 2021
Nancy Chappell
Having a part-time position could be ideal for someone balancing work and family responsibilities.
Jul 19, 2020
Brad Maberto
The focus on compassion and skill is evident, and it's clear that Bay Regional is looking for someone with a big heart.
Jul 17, 2020
Gloria Hunter
The part-time aspect may offer flexibility while still making a positive impact on the lives of children and families.
Feb 6, 2020
Michael Lozano
The role of a pediatric LCSW is not easy, but it's incredibly important. It requires a lot of emotional strength and resilience.
Mar 13, 2019
Lee Groza
The important work of pediatric social workers cannot be underestimated. It takes a special person to do this job with care and empathy.
Dec 5, 2018
Peter Bonneau
This sounds like a fulfilling opportunity for someone who is passionate about helping children.
Aug 27, 2018
Joy Prevost
I admire the focus on pediatric care. It's a special field that requires a lot of dedication and compassion.
Aug 15, 2018