Full-Time or Part-Time CNA (Ann Arbor, MI Area)

Sep 20, 2020

About Bay Regional Medical Center

Bay Regional Medical Center is a leading healthcare facility located in the beautiful Ann Arbor, MI area. We are committed to providing high-quality patient care and innovative medical services to our community. As a trusted medical center in the Health category, we take pride in our team of dedicated healthcare professionals.

CNA Opportunities at Bay Regional Medical Center

If you are a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) looking for full-time or part-time opportunities in the Ann Arbor, MI area, Bay Regional Medical Center has exciting positions available. Join our team and contribute to the well-being of our patients.

Why Choose Bay Regional Medical Center?

At Bay Regional Medical Center, we prioritize patient care and employee satisfaction. As a member of our team, you'll enjoy numerous benefits and opportunities for growth:

  • Competitive Pay: We offer competitive salaries for CNAs, ensuring you are fairly compensated for your skills and dedication.
  • Comprehensive Benefits Package: Our comprehensive benefits package includes health insurance, dental coverage, retirement plans, and more.
  • State-of-the-Art Facilities: Our medical center is equipped with advanced technology and resources to support your work and enhance patient care.
  • Continuing Education: We provide opportunities for ongoing training and professional development, allowing you to expand your knowledge and skills as a CNA.
  • Positive Work Environment: At Bay Regional Medical Center, we foster a supportive and collaborative work environment where every team member is valued and respected.
  • Career Advancement: We believe in recognizing and promoting internal talent. With our focus on growth, you'll have the opportunity to advance your career within our organization.

Responsibilities of a CNA

As a Certified Nursing Assistant at Bay Regional Medical Center, you'll play a crucial role in providing direct patient care and supporting the healthcare team. Your responsibilities will include:

  1. Assisting with Daily Activities: You'll assist patients with daily activities such as bathing, dressing, eating, and mobility.
  2. Vital Sign Monitoring: Monitoring and recording patients' vital signs, including temperature, blood pressure, and heart rate.
  3. Medical Documentation: Accurate and timely documentation of patient information and care provided.
  4. Assisting with Medical Procedures: Supporting healthcare professionals during medical procedures and examinations.
  5. Providing Emotional Support: Offering emotional support and comfort to patients and their families.
  6. Maintaining Clean and Safe Environment: Ensuring patient rooms and common areas are clean and organized.

Qualifications and Requirements

To qualify for a CNA position at Bay Regional Medical Center, candidates must meet the following requirements:

  • Certification: Must hold a valid Certified Nursing Assistant certification.
  • Experience: Prior experience in a healthcare setting is preferred.
  • Compassionate and Empathetic: A caring and empathetic nature towards patients and their families.
  • Strong Communication Skills: Excellent verbal and written communication skills to effectively interact with patients and the healthcare team.
  • Attention to Detail: Ability to pay close attention to detail when providing care and documenting patient information.
  • Physical Stamina: Good physical stamina and the ability to lift and move patients when required.

How to Apply

If you're ready to join our team of dedicated healthcare professionals at Bay Regional Medical Center, please visit our website and apply online for the Full-Time or Part-Time CNA positions in the Ann Arbor, MI area. We look forward to reviewing your application and potentially welcoming you to our team!

Jaroslaw Swierad
Great news! Plenty of exciting CNA job openings at Bay Regional Medical Center! 😊
Nov 11, 2023
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Exciting CNA jobs available! 😊
Oct 12, 2023